FILA and Urban Outfitters Launch Fall ’16 Apparel Collection Featuring Motocross Inspired Designs

Fila + Urban Outfitters (3)

(FILA North America) – FILA and Urban Outfitters are excited to launch their latest collaboration, inspired by FILA’s history in extreme sports, with motocross influences at the forefront for this Fall 2016 collection.

Updating signature styles from FILA’s storied past has reintroduced FILA’s brand story to the modern Urban Outfitters customer; tennis legends of the 1970’s served as inspiration for last year’s inaugural FILA+UO line.

“Urban Outfitters’ customers have embraced FILA’s heritage with interest and excitement,” said Danny Lieberman, Senior Vice President of Apparel at FILA North America. “The Fall 2016 FILA + UO offerings evoke a perfect balance of the traditional and the innovative, with a collection full of silhouettes derived from FILA’s influence in the sport of motocross, beginning in the 1980’s and continuing through the 1990’s and early 2000’s.”

“Urban Outfitters is thrilled to have su
ch an ic  Fila + Urban Outfitters (2)onic brand partner with us again this season,” said Gabrielle Conforti, General Merchandise Manager at Urban Outfitters. “We’re really excited about the end result of this exclusive capsule and we think our customers will be as well.”

The latest lineup includes nine new styles for women. To capture the motocross motif, details reminiscent of racing stripes and emblems adorn fitted jackets, form-fitting dresses, cropped tanks, sweaters, and leggings. The Fall 2016 FILA + UO collection is highlighted by the woven Moto Sport Jacket, designed with a sporty, vintage flair, in maroon, white and navy hues.

Fila + Urban Outfitters (4)The Fall line will also be featured in a new ad campaign shot on the Princeton University campus. The campaign will appear on billboards within top markets, including a month long takeover of the Walgreens building in Times Square (aka the building where the ball dro
ps on New Year’s Eve).