FILA book signing event of Chef Xavier Btesh

       FILA held a book signing event for Chef Xavier Btesh at the Manila House Private Member’s Club. The book is called “French Kusina,” it has different mouth watering French and Mediterranean recipes that are easy to make. Chef Xavier’s book is perfect for special gatherings at home. You will truly love his book.

The guests were welcomed by Calamansi Mint coolers, red and white wines, as they mingled with other guests. The place was filled with adorable picture frame with FILA on it; also FILA products were displayed at Manila House. Cris Albert, FILA CEO arrived, looking stunning as always, wearing Josie Natori’s Spring/Summer Collection Dress.

Cris Albert was called for a speech and during her speech she congratulated Chef Xavier on how successful his book launch went. Cris Albert also mentioned about artist, Chef Xavier, The Volcanoes, contributed theirs skills for the love of art, which is the Le Arte Nello Sport. It is the Art of Sport, which are the dreamers and the doers. Chef Xavier has worked tirelessly on his art which radiates the true European roots Fila was molded from, and the people were honored to witness it.

It was followed by a speech from Attorney Andrea. Introducing Chef Xavier, from where he started, and also how Chef Xavier worked really hard for his title. From graduating from his school, learning the skills in cooking, cooking beside renowned chefs such as Pierre Marchesseau and Firmin Arrambide, and after all those hard works he learned to love the Philippines and decided to settle down.

Chef Xavier thanked everyone for coming and also thanked Cris Albert on how generous and loving she is to him. Their friendship went a long way. He also thanked all his friends for their contribution in his life.

The book signing event was attended by different guests and VIPs with huge names in the industry. Guests who were present during the book signing event was none other than FILA CEO Cris Albert, FILA Chairman Butch Albert, Chef Xavier Batesh, Ana Abad Santos, Jake Letts, as well as the other members of the team, Maurice Arcache, Anton San Diego, Pepper Teehankee , and many more.

Chef Xavier prepared different varieties of French cuisine.  From the scrumptious potato gratin and the Bell pepper salad as appetizers to the main dishes, Chicken lemon Tajine, Pesto linguini, and Tarragon chicken. The dishes that were served were really mouthwatering. It gave us a little peek from his book, French Kusina.