FILA Gala Night of the Red Turnip Theater’s “THE NETHER”

Cris Albert CEO FILA sponsored the Gala night of the Red Turnip Theater “THE NETHER” last March 10, 2017 at the Spotlight Theater Power Mac Center, Circuit Makati. The Red Turnip Theater’s “THE NETHER” is a science – fiction drama known for their fondness for provocative material and this mind boggling story will leave you speechless. Written by Jennifer Haley and winner of the 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, “THE NETHER” explores the ethical questions and moral consequences of living out one’s hidden desires and fantasies. After successful runs Off-Broadway and in the West End, this dystopian play made its Asian premiere last March 10 at the Power Mac Spotlight Theater in Circuit, Makati.

The FILA Gala night was attended by different guests and VIPs with huge names in the industry. Guests who were present during the FILA Gala night was none other than FILA CEO Cris Albert, Wanda Louwallien, Chef Xavier Batesh, Marge Enriquez, Agot Isidro, Rachel Alejandro, Girlie Rodis, Sid Lucero, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, Javi & Lexi Berenguer-Testa, Jake Letts, Fabio Ide, and many more. Cris Albert looked spectacular in a printed long dress. In true Red Turnip manner, the well attended house was also treated with an over flowing open bar, care of Ralph’s Wines and Spirits.
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“THE NETHER” was set in the near future, its story revolves around a virtual paradise they call the Hideaway, in the underground recesses of the world wide web. Guests can log in to the server and become anyone they want to be and they free to express their different desires without facing any fear of consequence. Morris, a young detective investigated the virtual world in hopes of bringing it down, only to find herself coming face to face with her own inner demons. A hit since it first premiered in Los Angeles, THE NETHER begs the question: In a computer-generated space, is there no room for ethics and morality?

THE NETHER boasts a powerhouse ensemble led by Bernardo Bernardo (Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis, El Filibusterismo, Katy!) Jenny Jamora (Cock, The Vagina Monologues, A Little Night Music) Bodjie Pascua (3 Stars and a Sun, The Tempest Reimagined, Waiting for Godot) and TJ Trinidad (Saving Sally, The Normal Heart). Making their Red Turnip debuts, young actresses Alba Schulze (Annie) and Junyka Santarin (GMA 7’s Pyra) alternate in one of the play’s pivotal roles.

DSC_2094Red Turnip founder and award-winning actress Ana Abad Santos (Apocalypse Child, Time Stands Still) returns to the director’s chair with her own, intelligent take on this one-of-a-kind thriller.

After its successful opening, the audiences were buzzing on how strong the show was. Critics and audiences were left speechless and shocked at the end of the show. They hailed the production as “arresting”, “provocative”, “daring and relevant” and a “rare gem of an intelligent play”. After only four years since its debut, Red Turnip has already left an indelible mark in theater scene and is sure to add THE NETHER to its growing list of groundbreaking achievements.