FILA Teamed Up With Nas and Sony Pictures for Ghostbusters Collection


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Nas-x-FILA-8(FILA North America) – Anticipated nationwide for release of Ghostbusters, one of the most highly anticipated movies this summer, Sony Pictures Consumer Marketing collaborated with Nas, the Hip-Hop icon, and entrepreneur, for Nas x Ghostbusters, a new Ghostbusters fashion collection. Inspired by the classic film, Nas, one of the world’s biggest Ghostbusters fans, curated the collection, with high-profile and upscale brands including HSTRY, New Era, Monster, Italia Independent Eyewear, Tokyobike, and FILA.

“There’s no bigger Ghostbusters fan than Nas – he grew up with the franchise – and, along with these iconic partners, they’ve done a great job interpreting the characters and movies into these amazing, fashion-forward products. The collaboration was not only a natural fit between these brands, but an opportunity to add a modern, high-end twist to Ghostbusters,” said Mark Caplan, Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Products for Sony Pictures Entertainment. Nas added, “Ghostbusters was a staple childhood movie for me, one my mother took me to see, and I still love watching today with my son.”